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My Story


I won't bore you with the useless details ... I really could go on and on for hours 

My Career has been fruitful and successful. I have over 15 years in business development, education and building national sales and customer support teams.  I have worked for small businesses and larger global corporations in a various of capacities. I have relocated from my home state of New Jersey, where I worked in the World Trade Center for 5 years for Morgan Stanley Dean Witter,  From there I found myself in small software developemnt company in Jacksonville Beach for 5 years. This position led me to a global rollout manager for a huge company in Denver Colorado where I spent 5 years. Denver was awesome, but cold!  From Denver back to New Jersey, to Philly and back to Florida where begain the second phase of our story... This was home for about 5 years with my beautiful wife and our 3 sons, Jonah and Zechariah and baby Jude James Halladay. They is my "why" and the reason we do what we do. In 2013 we decided it was time for me to leave Corp America and pursue my passion of being my own boss Full-Time and escape the 9-5 scene otherwise know as the MATRIX. We didn't have all the answers (and still don't) but we made it !!  I can now say for the past 6 years we are have lived life on our terms and created a life by design

We are now traveling the globe. Leaving our comfy home in Florida we are going to the NEXT LEVEL and we are bringing everyone that wants to come along for the ride!

We are a on a mission to create as many millionaires as I can in the next 5 years of my life.  Will you be next ?? 


I find the most enjoyment in seeing others find and grab hold of an abundant life so hit the Contact me and let's connect.  You can also book a free 3o min session with me under "Book Online". 

What is your story?  Contact me and let's get started on your story. and your journey to escape the 9-5 Matrix and Live Life on YOUR TERMS!


Katie Dawn


With Justin, a mentor of mine, I began to believe I could do anything. Many lessons learned, along the wayand there is still one word that I say every day as soon as I sit my backside on the office chair, ‘Focus’
Thank you for sharing your wisdom Justin!

Dave Duke


No one gives more for his team's success than this guy... count yourself lucky if he ever calls you to work with him. Heck just make your own luck and give Justin a call!!

Cheryl Utesch


I appreciate you, Justin! Your willingness to always help me climb that huge learning curve means everything! Glad to call you a business partner!

Ken Melendez


If you get the opportunity to work with Justin, you are instantly put into a position of blessing and favor.
It's rare to find a leader with such dedication, strength, passion, and generosity towards their team. 


Ready to Change Your Life? Contact me!

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Justin Halladay 


Tel: 904-432-6289



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